The simplest way to control your expenses, income and investments.

A clear and organized view of your financial life to achieve all your goals more quickly!


Stop wasting time trying to manage your money without a strategy. Transform your life and that of your family by using 3D Financial Planning.

What will you achieve by accessing the template?

Visual perception of all your expenses and revenues.

Truly understanding where your money is going.

Being able to spend your money with a clear conscience.

Knowing how much you are investing and whether you should invest more.

Developing a healthier financial relationship with less stress.

Some practical functions of the template:

Visual perception of all your expenses and income.

With a simple and automated dashboard, you can have an overview of your entire financial life.

Truly understand where your money is going.

Manage all your expenses in just one place!

Develop a healthier financial relationship with less stress

Manage all your bank accounts in just one place.

Know how much you're investing and whether you should invest more.

Control your investments by having a comprehensive view of how you allocate your money.

What are your dreams?

Define all your long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals.

And to help you achieve all your goals, you can...

Establish and follow your budgets

Set the maximum amount you want to spend per month and be notified of how much is left to reach the defined limit, as well as informed when your established limit is exceeded.

But that's not all...

Get access to your exclusive personal assistant to guide you in your finances.

Technology working for you! See the power of the tool:

Start using Artificial Intelligence to give you tips, pointing out your financial mistakes and directing you!

It's no use making money if you don't know how to manage it.

Make your money work for you – put an end to financial disarray and change the lives of your entire family.

Everyone needs to have financial organization. It’s serious, look at the power of it: Have you ever heard of Ronald Read?

This guy was a mechanic and gas station attendant for 25 years and then a janitor for 17 years until he passed away at the age of 92.

And it was precisely when he died that they discovered that the same person who was a gas station attendant and janitor had 8 million dollars in his account. And immediately a question mark comes to our minds: was he some kind of trafficker, criminal, or something like that, right?

No, in fact, he spent his whole life saving a portion of what he earned and buying stocks.

And how did he do that? By recording all his expenses and setting goals!

That’s the power of knowing where your money is going.

And it is based on stories like his that I decided to do something so simple, but so simple, that will work for anyone.

It's also not enough to rely solely on our conscience to know if we are spending too much or too little:

The world’s top financial analysts don’t base their investment decisions solely on conscience or “feeling.”


They rely on numbers, data, and information, and it’s no different for you. The most important decision of your life cannot be a guess.

Introducing the template:

Do you know all those streaming services we subscribe to nowadays? Do you know off the top of your head how much you spend on them per month? You will see that and much more in the easiest way possible.

You know all those extra expenses that we often have, and one alone “doesn’t make a difference”? Well, in total, it can make a difference. A big one.

Are your household expenses increasing or decreasing?

Find out how much you spend on each expense category (streaming, household, healthcare, education, restaurants, parties, and any other type of expenditure).

And I'll also give you an advanced version in Excel:

Our goal is to make you take back control of your money.

So, if you don't adapt to the Template, we won't let you down, right?
We also have the format for Excel!

Exclusive bonus for those who purchase the first version of the template:

Total Security

Your data is stored on Notion’s servers in San Francisco, California. Therefore, absolutely no one, neither I, nor Notion, nor our team, will know the data you fill in your template.


In summary, all your income and expenses are more secure than in any other form of managing your money.

Some testimonials from the students.

What is the value of all these benefits?


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About the creator of the template:

Gustavo Hermont is an author certified as an investment specialist by ANBIMA. He holds a degree in business administration and has over 9 years of experience in the financial market.

Recently, he published the book “Fundamentalmente: Indispensable Lessons for Successful Investors.” through Alta Books, a publishing company known for several best-selling titles, such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Within one year of its release, his book has become one of the top 15 best-selling books in the “Money” category on Amazon Brazil.

He has written articles for Gazeta do Povo, O Tempo, and other media outlets. In 2020, he founded the channel “Investidor Sem Grife” which currently has over 52,000 followers and more than 6 million views.

O que estão dizendo sobre o Planejamento Financeiro 3D?


Common Questions

Yes, regardless of your income and expenses, the 3D Financial Planning Template will be essential for your financial well-being.

Of course, everything has been designed with the intention of accommodating those who have no prior knowledge of the tools being used. In case you have any doubts, we also provide full support via WhatsApp and a comprehensive tutorial to help you learn how to use the template in a simple and efficient manner.

Once you make the purchase, you will receive an email with the access link. Simply create your password and log into the platform.

Once you duplicate the template, it will be yours, and you can use it without any additional cost.

Yes, it is 100% secure. Hotmart is the largest course hosting company in Latin America.


Notion is an organizational tool. It is excellent for task management and planning. The tool stands out primarily for allowing access to data, documents, calendar, and reminders all in one place.


It is free and 100% secure.

All rights reserved © Gustavo Hermont

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Fala a verdade, você já tentou gerenciar suas finanças pessoais em uma planilha, mas acabou desistindo de continuar?​

Se isso já aconteceu pode ter sido por vários problemas, você pode ter tido preguiça de lançar todos os seus gastos, pode ter achado pouco prático ou pouco automatizado.

O motivo desses problemas talvez esteja na própria pergunta…. Você está usando uma planilha.

Muitas pessoas não sabem utilizar corretamente uma planilha ou até mesmo já trabalham diariamente com o excel na frente delas e a última coisa que querem saber de fazer no tempo livre é preencher mais uma planilha.

Mas a notícia boa é que atualmente existem formas muito melhores de organizar suas tarefas, seu trabalho e sua vida pessoal e financeira. Nós preparamos uma forma inédita de fazer essa gestão com o Template de Planejamento Financeiro 3D no Notion.